Holiday camp 'Bike like the Dutch'.

In the heart of the Netherlands, you will find the beautiful village called Naarden. Tucked away amidst in the forest are the chalets that serve as the hub for our camp. The theme is 'Bike like the Dutch' and this is the perfect fit for the surrounding scenery! This region, ‘The Gooi’ is also known as one of the most scenic areas in the Netherlands and sets the stage for our adventures.

Does this mean that you will be cycling non-stop for hours each day? Not at all! While cycling is a favorite transportation mode of many Dutch locals, our aim is to give you a taste of why that is. Therefore, it is essential that you are already comfortable on two wheels if you are considering joining us.

So, what could you expect? Currently, 12 different Lions Clubs are working tirelessly to ensure this camp is nothing short of unforgettable. With a diverse range of activities, there is something for everyone to enjoy—be it sports, culture, nature, creativity, history, or sightseeing.

For instance, you will have the opportunity to explore Amsterdam for a full day, where you can immerse yourself in its rich attractions and even indulge in some souvenir shopping! You will visit Almere, a city built on reclaimed land that was once part of the sea, offering a fascinating glimpse into its unique history. And that's not all. You will also tour Naarden-Vesting, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a key defense center for Amsterdam in the 17th century.

And while our planned activities promise excitement, you will also have ample free time to make new friendships, relax, or simply reconnect with loved ones back home.

We are confident that this camp will leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Preliminary Camp Program (still work in progress):

22 July:  Check in and welcome with drinks and snacks
23 July:  To be determined
24 July:  Indoor and outdoor activities in and around the camp and country presentations
25 July:  Visit Almere – Going wild in a climbing forest, karaoke and more
26 July:  Visit Huizen
27 July:  Visit Naarden-Vesting – Tour around the Dutch Water Defence Lines, canal cruise and traditional Dutch games
28 July:  To be determined
29 July:  Explore Amsterdam
30 July:  Prepare country dinners and farewell party
31 July:  Check out and airport transfers available throughout the day

All activities are organized by local Lions Clubs. You could express your appreciation to them at the conclusion of each activity.

Camp Address

Kindervakantiehuis Valkeveen
"Gustav Brieglebhuis"
Roelofslaantje 6, 1411 HA Naarden
The Netherlands