Program Dutch Riverland Camp

21 July:  Arrival and opening by Lord Mayor of Culemborg. In the evening dinner made by Leo-club.
22 July:  Teambuilding program in the Camp.
23 July:  Visit to Amsterdam.
24 July:  Visit to “Openlucht museum” in Arnhem, telling us how people lived in the Netherlands the last couple of ages.
25 July:  Survival program at the Camp and canoing on the river “Korne”.
26 July:  Sloop rowing and sailing on the river “Lek” with the Scouting. In the afternoon a lecture on watermanagement and living below sealevel.
27July:  Walk along the river “de Waal” and a workshop watercolor painting in an artists studio.
28 July:  Swimming in a local lake
29 July:  Visit to a farm.
30 July: Visit to “GeoFort”,  a place where you learn about water and climatechange.
31 Juliy:  to Schiphol.