Camp AN 2018 'Lionhead'

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor de leeuwendaalCamp location: Homestead Leeuwendaal, Oosterweg E 16, 1481 AN Purmer. Website in English:
In one of the oldest polders of Holland lies the monumental homestead Leeuwendaal. A for the region specific farmtype, situated in a vastness of green meadows in the North Western part of Holland. Situated near the Northsea with all its beaches, the famous Dutch mills in the region of the Zaan, the charming old towns of Volendam, Edam, Marken, and also Amsterdam nearby, you can be sure seeing some of the most typical places of western Holland during your stay with us.

Campcoördinator: Symone Hoogstins, Mail:  Phone: +31 6 5313 5799
Clothing advise: take a warm sweater and a raincoat with you, and swimming clothes. The weather in Holland changes a lot because of the western winds from the Northsea. Be prepared for warm (max.30 degrees), but also for cold days (minimum 17 degrees) and rain. Bedlinen is provided for, but do take towels with you.:

Camp program Camp Lionhead :
22 Jul  Welcome of guests and hostparents, including drinks and snacks. Check in and payment of campfee € 100,- and security fee of € 20,- (you will receive the € 20,- back at departure of camp). At 16.00 opening ceremonies.
23 Jul  Full day Amsterdam incl. walking tour
24 Jul  Visit Cruquius Watersystem; after lunch transfer to Ouderkerk/Amstel, watersports incl. BBQ
25 Jul  Juniorstaff: Indoor and outdoor acitvities in/around the house/country presentations.  TBA: Evening out in Purmerend
26 Jul  Visit ESA Centre/Space Expo Noordwijk; After lunch beach activities and BBQ dinner
27 Jul  Jewish Museum, visit Anne Frank house in Amsterdam and the Jewish cemetry in Ouderkerk on the Amstel
28 Jul  Full day with Leo Club Amsterdam
29 Jul  Visit to Volendam
30 Jul  Visit to Enkhuizen, Zuiderzee Museum
31 Jul  Prepare country dinner and farewell party
1  Aug Check out - hugs 'n kisses, transfers to airport throughout the day
All activities are arranged by local Lionsclubs. Do show them your appreciation at the end of the activity

Country presentations: will be held in the evenings. Have a impression of your country with photo's ready (in powerpoint is perfect) on a USB stick when you leave for the Netherlands.

Participants: If your record number starts with "AN" you are assigned to camp AN. For privacy reasons we do not mention a list of participants here.