Rules and Regulations Dutch Youth Camps

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  • All Campers are obliged to complete the entire program;
  • Speak English with all participants and the Camp staff;
  • Have a helpful, positive and friendly attitude towards each other;
  • Respect different ethical, religious, political etc. attitudes;
  • Participate actively in our camp program;
  • Follow instructions and requests given by the Camp Coordinator and Staff;
  • It is strictly forbidden to drive motorized vehicles/boats;
  • Smoking is not allowed inside the camp accommodations; smoking during the homestay period depends of the hostfamily;
  • It is not allowed to posess alcohol or to be drunk, in that case you will be sent home at your own cost by the District Youth Echange Chairperson if you do. Depending of your age you are allowed to drink at the most 2 light alcoholic drinks per day, and only when the juniorstaff or campcoordinator gives permittance to do so;
  • It is not allowed to possess or use drugs of any kind during the entire period of the camp and homestay period. You will be sent home immediately at your own cost by the District Youth Exchange Chairperson in charge if you do. The Dutch law tolerates the use of soft drugs, like cannabis, sold in 'coffee shops' in small amounts to passholders. By Youth Exchange any use of it is absolutely forbidden.
  • Overdone usage of your mobile phone is not allowed;
  • You are not allowed to leave youthcamp and group without permission from the Camp Coordinator and Staff;
  • It is not allowed to separate from the group;
  • It is neither permitted to ask for or to accept any hitchhike from unauthorized persons;
  • The Dutch Youth Exchange organization is ultimately responsible for the selection of your camp;

Keep those rules and regulations in mind. We all want everybody to have a great time.


The board of Lions Youth Exchange the Netherlands