We hope you will be inspired to wanting to participate in our programmes and experience the culture of our country the Netherlands, after reading the articles.

In 2019 three Dutch youthcamps have taken place from 21 July until 31 July 2019.
To find out what the camp programmes were:

Youthcamp BZ "Crossing Borders"
Youthcamp BN "Lekker Dutch"
Youthcamp CW  "Northsea Beach"



For summer 2020, the exact camp details are: 
Home stay for youth from Europe is: 11th till 19th of July and
for youth coming from outside Europe is: 4th till 19 July.
Campdates are: 19th till 29th of July 2020

The following conditions need to be met.

Agelimit: 17 - 20 years on the 1st of July in the year of participation

Campfee: € 100,-- to be paid with entrance youthcamp
Airport of arrival and departure: Amsterdam Airport
Day of arrival and departure (no other day is allowed!!!):
For campers from America (North, South and Middle) or Asia the day of arrival will be July 4, 2020,
For campers from European/Israelian/Slavic countries the day of arrival will be July 11, 2020.
Day of departure: July 29, 2020

Your hostfamily will welcome you at the airport when you arrive. They will also bring you to youth camp.
For departure the camp staff and junior staff will arrange that you will arrive at the airport (or at the train station) in time.

30 people join each Dutch youthcamp.

Country presentations
At camp country presentations will be held in the evenings. All campers have to introduce their own country and culture in the form of a short presentation with photo’s. They have to prepare this before leaving for Holland, and take it with them on an Usb stick or CD-Rom.

Clothing advise: basics are a swimming suit, a warm sweater, and a raincoat. The weather can vary from 16 to 30 degrees celsius in our country.


The board of the Dutch Youth Exchange