Impression of Camp CW in Zeeland 2019
Dutch youth exchange camps in 2018

For an impression of the campprogrammes of the Dutch Youth Exchange, see the youthcamps in 2018.
District AN, youthcamp Lion Head in Purmer
District CO, youthcamp Dutch Mountains in Eys
District AZ, youthcamp Green Heart in Noorden

Impressions youthcamps former years

Camp CO 2017 - Limbra Farmville (photo impression)

Camp CO 2017 - Limbra Farmville (youtube film made by participant)

Camp AN 2017 - Hollands Crown (youtube film made by participant)

Camp BZ 2017 - Around the Panoven (youtube film made by participant LEO Ren Yong, also with his hostfamily) I had a wonderful time, learned a lot, met new people and new cultures, had more than a few good laughs, had good parties, been in the best summer camp ever, tasted really good food and cheese in Netherlands, did typical Dutch things thatI haven't done before, became a primary school student, learned new words in other languages, heard new songs, found out what pure generosity is. I met 2 host families and made 27 new friends from different country that gave me this unforgettable experience. It was my pleasure to be a part of ‘Youth Exchange to Netherlands’. An unforgettable journey has ended and I have grown wiser, stronger and richer memories.

2017 Celebrating 100 yrs existence of Lions

Camp AZ 2016 - Waterland

Camp CW 2015 - Panta Rhei  Film made by participants themselves

Camp CO 2014 - Article (in Dutch)